The Best Crossbows to Buy in 2021

Posted by Rustic Sportsman on Jun 2nd 2021

The Best Crossbows to Buy in 2021

When we look at the new 2021 crossbows, it leads us back to Daryl on The Walking Dead series. We’re not sure why, but this guy has always managed to take a rugged looking crossbow and make it look cool. Looking at the 2021 crossbows, we’re under the impression that crossbow engineers spend a lot of time thinking about their designs as their efforts are shining bright.

Tips for Choosing the Best Crossbow

This guide is suitable for both beginners and advanced crossbow enthusiasts who are looking for the best crossbow of 2012. However, if you’re just now getting into archery, more specifically crossbow archery and you’re not sure where to begin, we would like to give you some tips before showing you the best crossbows of 2021.

Choosing the Right Crossbow

On the market right now, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of crossbows that you can choose from, making it hard to find the best one. When you’re looking at a crossbow, you need to know what you plan on using it for. Are you searching for something that’s just for shooting targets or are you looking for something to hunt with? If you’re using a crossbow for hunting, what type of animals do you plan on hunting? There are crossbows out there that can take down a deep at ranges of 60 yards, but that’s going to require a lot of effort. The more realistic ranges are between 30 to 40 yards.

Which One is Better, a Compound or a Recurve Crossbow?

Many wonder about the difference between a compound and a recurve crossbow and wonder what the disadvantage/advantage of each may be. Both of these have a place in the hunting and target shooting world and both have their dedicated team of shooters. The recurve crossbow is the purist of the crossbows and is the type that has been around for many years. Archers choose the recurve crossbow because of its reliability and simplicity. Essentially, the recurve crossbow has a sting and a bow with no pulleys or cables to adjust. The trade-off of this simplicity, however, is the fact that the recurve crossbow may be a bit wide from axle to axle. The recurve crossbow also tends to have a higher draw weight with less speed than the compound.

Due to their lower draw weight, the compound crossbow is the most popular. With the addition of pulleys and cables, this means that a compound crossbow is going to have a narrower ATA, making it more portable and a lot easier to shoot from a deer blind or any other confined area.

It is often selected by archers for its simplicity and reliability. The recurve crossbow essentially has a simple bow and string with no cables or pulleys to adjust or to worry about failing at a critical moment. The trade off for this simplicity is that a recurve crossbow is typically going to be quite a bit wider from axle to axle (ATA), which is the measurement across the widest part of the bow section. The recurve will typically also have a higher draw weight with less overall speed than its compound counterpart.

The Speed

We are always asked “What is the fastest crossbow,” so this is something we need to cover in this guide for you. There are some very fast crossbows out there with capabilities of over 400 fps. Why do you need that much speed? Sure, if you plan on hunting a brontosaurus from Jurassic Park, we can understand that, but if it’s for simple target shooting or deep hunting, nothing even close to this speed is even necessary. A faster arrow is great for shooting flatter and hitting harder, but when you have an increased speed, there is going to be a decrease to the crossbow’s tolerance for any small mistake.

Best Crossbows of 2021

TenPoint Xbow Havoc RS440

The TenPoint Xbow Havoc RS440 shows us that crossbow technology is advancing at a rapid rate these days, with this one being right at the forefront. The crossbow features technologies such as Reverse Draw, ACUside, Sling-Shot and it even has an integrated Xer laser range finding scope from Garmin.

When talking about accuracy, this crossbow is amazing. You shouldn’t have any problem with accuracy when using this crossbow ,whether you’re shooting 30 yards, 60 yards, or 100 yards away.

The Design and Durability

The S4400 comes with a Reverse-Draw design that is combined with the RX7-cames. The TenPoint Havoc RS440 is capable of shooting arrows at 440 feet per second. The design is similar to the Vapor RS470.

We couldn’t help but to notice how compact this crossbow is. To give you an idea, it is 26.5 inches long, 12.4 inches wide when uncocked and when cocked it is 7.5 inches. The crossbow is a bit on the heavy side, weighing in at 7.5 pounds, but this is because of all the extra bells and whistles. After you add the XERO scope,, for example, this crossbow easily weighs in at 10 pounds.


  • Next-Level Sighting
  • Silent Control
  • Balanced Power


  • A bit on the heavy side for a crossbow

Final Word

This crossbow is very compact and it may be a bit on the heavy side (because of all the extra high quality features), but this Havoc RS440 is fast and one of the most accurate crossbows we have seen yet. This is a crossbow that we would highly recommend to all of our friends if they were looking for a new one.

Barnett Explorer Xp370 Crossbow

The Design

This crossbow weighs 7.2 pounds and when it is cocked, it is 14.375 inches wide, offering 425 fps. The draw weight is 165 lbs. The bow isn’t lightweight, but the trigger has a clean break and the balance is top notch.


  • High quality
  • Good draw weight
  • Affordable


  • The crossbow isn’t light in weight

Final Word

Barnett crossbows are one of the best brands available on the market. The XP370 comes from a manufacturer who is known for producing some of the best crossbows currently on the market. These bows are lower priced than most, but they still offer top quality.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is great for those searching for a crossbow that is under $400. Barnett is a well respected brand. They produce modern crossbows at affordable prices with high quality materials and designs. The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is everything you’d expect it to be – it can shoot fast and is accurate.

With the Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow, you have an amazing price, great performance, and good looks all combined into one crossbow. This crossbow is compact and light in weight, but don’t let the size fool you, because it is capable of taking down large game, like deer.

The Design

The crossbow is compact and lightweight, making for amazing maneuverability while hunting in the woods. This crossbow would be great for both beginners and experienced users due to the manageable draw weight being powerful along with the size.

TriggerTech Assembly – The Frictionless Release Technology creates a roller that is free-floating between the trigger and the sear. It consists of stainless steel components that offer a lighter and smoother ADF trigger. The anti-dry fire and Nock Sensors will give you a good peace of mind as it doubles the safety.

Durability and Construction – Barnett would never release something that is made of low quality materials, so you can count on this one being made of top of the line materials. The components of this crossbow are designed from stainless steel, making the weakest point a strong one. Overall, it is durable and compact at 32.25 long and 17.75 inches wide. Being that this is a compact bow, it will be easy for you to carry through the woods and aim at a target until you’re ready to make the hit.

Accuracy – When you buy a crossbow, you want to go for one that has good accuracy. We discovered that the accuracy of this crossbow is on key as it is easy to keep on target, even from 70 yards away.

Style – when it comes to style, the Whitetail Hunter II is not lacking. The high-definition camo has an attractive skull design pattern throughout. This crossbow has an edgy appearance that is pleasing to many people.

Power – This crossbow has a draw weight of 160 pound and kinetic energy of 103 pounds, offering a whole lot of power combined with amazing accuracy. There’s enough hitting power here, allowing you to take down large game.

Shooting – With the ability to show up to 350 fps behind 103 dt. Lbs of Kinetic energy, this crossbow is well-balanced. Making it so that the gravity is closer to the shooter than it is the front of the weapon. It shoots great compared to other mid-range crossbows on the market. The trigger pull is smooth and the bolts fire accurately. If you’re into offhand shooting, there’s a feature that will improve your accuracy.


  • Compact and light in weight
  • Comes with an anti-dry fire trigger system
  • Has one of Barnett’s premium 4x32 scope that makes for accurate shots up to 60 yards.
  • Shorter length and width make for easy maneuvering


  • The scope and grips cannot be adjusted
  • The scoope is of marginal quality

Final Word

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow really is something to look forward to. Once you receive it, the assembly process shouldn’t take any more than ten minute. All you have to do is attach the riser to the stock and rail, and make sure the strings and cable are in the right slot. After this, take a couple of hex bolts and secure things, then you’re ready to go.

Excalibur Mag 340 Crossbow Package Mossy Oak Break Up Country

From Excalibur’s micro lineup comes the Excalibur Mag 340 Crossbow package. This crossbow measures 31.71 inches and when it’s uncocked, it measures 25-inches. Cocked, it’s 22 inches. Excalibur did a great job at keeping the Mag 340 light in weight as it only weighs 5.5 pounds, and that’s including the accessories. The crossbow is built with an aluminum frame. It uses the Gen II recurve limbs, which are shorter than usual, but it is still capable of launching an arrow at 340 feet per second, with a 270-pound draw-weight.

Design and Features

Quiet - Recurve crossbows like this have a tendency to be pretty noisy, but with the Mag 340, Excalibur made sure to include a silencing kit. This kit contains Air Brakes, a Sound Deadening System and R.E.D Suppressors.

Comfortable – When you hold the Mag 340, it’s comfortable. It has rubberized ergonomic grips, making it even more comfortable to hold. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable crossbows on this list, which is why it’s one of the best of 2021.

Arrows and Speed – The Excalibur Mag 340 is capable of shooting arrows at 340 feet per second, making it capable of taking out big-game animals that you may be hunting in the woods. With this package, you will receive 3 Excalibur Quill arrows, measuring 16.5 inches long. They have a weight of 350 grains and this includes the 100-grain field points.

Optics – There’s a Dead Zone Scope mounted on this crossbow. This scope is light in weight and is non-illuminated. For this reason, it is suitable for beginners as it is easy to sight it in. The scope that comes with it may not be the best, but you can upgrade it in the future if you feel the need. It’s perfect if you’re a beginner on a low budget, though.

Trigger and Safety Features - This crossbow is equipped with a premium trigger feature, a Guardian Anti-Dry Fire System. You can count on the trigger being very smooth and it breaks at around 3.5 pound. As for the forehand grip, it is really comfortable to hold and has safety wings in order to make sure your fingers stay away from the strings.

Assembly – Recurve crossbows like this one are known for easy assembly as well as easy maintenance. The Mag 340 is super easy to assemble and it should not take you any longer than 15-minutes, including the amount of time it takes to remove everything from the box.

You can mount the 4-arrow quiver to the stock in a couple of different ways. To learn about each mounting position available, we recommend reading the manual for instructions.

The Dead Zone scope is easy to sight in. In order to get fully zeroes in the scope, it only took us 3 shots, which is pretty good.


  • High quality materials
  • Light in weight
  • Accurate
  • Quiet
  • Easy to Maintain


  • The Scope isn’t the best

Final Word

The Excalibur Mag 340 is one of the best crossbows of 2021. It is reliable, light in weight, compact, quiet, accurate, and easy to maintain. This is the type of crossbow that will last you a very long time. The only downfall is the scope - the scope isn’t the best, but you can upgrade it if you ever feel the need.


If you purchase one of these crossbows from this list, you can rest easy knowing that you purchased one of the best crossbows of 2021.